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How I Fell in Love with a Photo Booth

 I can still remember the photographers pulling me from left to right – trying to capture our love and preserve our “perfect” wedding day. Although I felt grateful to have friends and family members come from all over the world to celebrate with us, the truth was that our wedding was for our families. We wanted them to witness our love, and nothing else mattered.

 A week after our wedding, my husband and I cuddled on our couch to reminisce on our big day. As we went through our professional and perfectly-framed photos, we quickly discovered that it was our rented photo booth that brought us the most joy. We chuckled looking at the photos of my mother, who posed by herself in most of the shots; our grandparents whose eyes were closed during their first photo attempt; and our friends’ funny expressions. Those were the memories that mattered the most to us.

 In the end, we both recognized that weddings are special, but so are friends and family members. My best advice is that if you are stressed, thinking about the items on your list or envisioning your wedding, remember that no matter the fancy dress or venue, the most important thing is to be surrounded by the people you love. A simple photo booth helped us to capture moments that we will treasure for a lifetime and that made our day that much more special.





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